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Certainly, we diligently source high-quality synthetic, active, and botanical ingredients for the production of our products. Our entire product range is formulated and developed by experienced cosmetic scientists. You can find specific ingredient details on each product page in the shop.

As long as you store your products in a cool, dry place, most products have a shelf life of 12 months.  Full information can be found on each product packaging.

Yes. Oily, Normal, Dry, combo skin types. Even sensitive skin can use all our products. However, for products like Retinol, you should start slow until your skin can tolerate it.

Skincare products don’t select skin tone. Beauty has no skin tone

Yes. We recommend patch testing first and starting slow.

Our products contain a combination of active ingredients and botanicals, some of which your doctor may advise to avoid during pregnancy or while nursing. However, our cleansing, hydrating, soothing and skin repair line can be used by pregnant women. We recommend avoiding Retinol during pregnancy.

Yes, men have skin and skin concerns too, which our products help tackle.

Many people notice clearer skin and smoother texture within a few weeks or months. However, individual results will vary based on skin condition, severity of concern, skin response and treatment/product used.

Yes we deliver worldwide.

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We do not currently offer samples at this time. However, we do hope to offer travel size/minis for all our products soon.

We only have a very small time window to make amendments to your order. Please do reach out to the team at [email protected] or WhatsApp to see if this is possible. We can’t guarantee any changes can be made! 

We only have 30 minutes to be able to make address amendments once the order has been placed. Please do reach out to our team at [email protected] to see if this is still possible.

We recommend starting slowly, about 3ce weekly then gradually increase usage.

Yes it can. It is possible to purge from antispot cause it contains an exfoliant (1% salicylic acid).

Purging can last between 1-6 months depending on the grade of acne you have.

For beginners 2-3 times weekly.

It can serve as a moisturizer, so you do not have to use it with a moisturiser.

We recommend getting both. Antispot contains 1% salicylic acid which is very good for texture and congestion and works in a different way from Retinol concentrate, a powerful product for blemishes/texture. Tackling acne requires different measures because acne is caused by different factors.

Yes, it can brighten as it contains niacinamide and tranexamic acid which can help improve hyperpigmentation.

Our skin repair moisturiser can be used by all skin types.

It contains gentle actives that can be tolerated for daily use. The glycolic and lactic acid in the cleanser are at low concentrations and they serve as pH adjusters.

It is used after washing/cleansing your face.

Yes, you can use your cotton pad and you can also use your palm but to save product, use your palms..

No, toner before serum. You should layer from the lightest to heaviest.

It keeps your skin hydrated and plump. If your skin is dehydrated, your skin will not be at its best and will be prone to itchiness and a compromised skin barrier.

Both. They work in synergy to boost hydration levels and revive dull, thirsty skin.

We recommend starting slowly, thrice weekly.

Yes, it’s a brightening and exfoliating body lotion that also helps to improve keratosis Pilaris.

Yes, you can if your body skin can tolerate it or you have been using it for up 3-6months. The body skin is more resilient than the facial skin.

Yes it is. You can layer with a body oil or butter, if you have dry skin or during colder months.

It is best used at night. Use our antioxidant body lotion- skin repair body lotion in the day instead.

Yes, it brightens

It contains Niacinamide and urea as key ingredients.

It can be used daily.

Purging from retinol can last about 1-6months

Yes, you can if your skin can tolerate it but start slowly.

We recommend starting 1-3times weekly

Yes, it helps to improve hyperpigmentation.

No, it’s not. We recommend using 2-3 times a week.

You can apply it all over your face also spot treat on the part you have inflamed acne.

it’s antibacterial and anti inflammatory and helps fight acne.

Acne has no cure. No treatment, drug or product can clear your breakouts or acne permanently. You can only manage it with products and treatments until you reach it’s burnout stage.

No, we don’t.

At Vhue Skin, every provider is qualified and well-trained to address your beauty needs. We maintain records of client histories and skin requirements, ensuring that all our providers are well-prepared to serve you. Presently, we do not assign specific providers to individual clients to guarantee flexibility. Currently, our head aesthetician concentrates on consultations, advanced procedures and managerial responsibilities.

We only accept payments ahead to secure your slot. This will also ensure that there are no long delays and that the provider is available to service you. When you book ahead, you book specifically for that time. Walk-ins are possible, but providers may be busy with other clients at the time.

Not at this time. We hope to soon.

No. One facial or body treatment is never enough. Multiple sessions are required to sufficiently treat and manage skin concerns. These concerns didn’t occur in one day and definitely would require more time to heal.

No. We don’t have any facility to help manage your pets whilst you receive your treatment/product.

We understand that life happens and want to provide you the best experience but we only offer refunds when provider or service is unavailable. Please see our booking policy for more info on refunds.

Chemical peels can be done on all skin types as long as your skin is well prepped for it weeks ahead, as long as you use the recommended products and follow the peel protocol.

Chemical peels can be done on face and body. Areas like back, chest, butt, legs, arms, feet, hands.

They can be uncomfortable but a cooling fan is given to you to soothe your skin and your skin is numbed prior to microneedling, so that you can be as comfortable as you’d need to be during the treatment.

Children above 12 years old can use our cleanser, hydrating toner, hydrating serum, moisturizer, skin repair body lotion and Teenagers can use all of the above including antispot cream and receive basic facials from us.

Please refer to our terms and conditions for more info on products, refunds, shipping, cancellation and more.