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Vhue Skin Private Labeling


Thank you for your interest in our private labeling service.

Our cosmetic private label solution is simple. You select some products from our catalog, select one with the assistance of our experts, and we manufacture and deliver a bulk product (semi-finished), or we manufacture, fill, package, and deliver a finished product.

This is the best option if you want to focus on marketing and selling your skincare products. You’ll find it’s also the fastest and most economical way to launch your cosmetics brand’s a new product or line. Private labeling is the simplest way to start your own skin care line.
Each Unique Product Volume must equal or exceed 5KG, Minimum of 2 products. If you wish to private label only one product, MOQ must equal or exceed 10KG.

Looking for a slightly more customized solution? After choosing your skin care product from our catalog, we can modify the color and fragrance at an extra cost. Once regulatory tests are finished, we manufacture your customized formula and deliver to you in bulk or as a finished product.

To get started and for more details, please email us [email protected]