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Vhue Skin Contract Manufacturing (CM)


Are you looking for a contract manufacturer to produce new or existing formulas? At Vhue Skin, we can manufacture, fill, assemble, and package your cosmetic products.

As a developer and manufacturer of scientifically proven skin care products. We offer services including packaging, formulation, graphic design, manufacturing and delivery.

You decide which services you want us to provide, and which ones you want to undertake on your own. We deliver in bulk or as a finished product. If required, we can integrate your components into production (raw materials, packaging, fragrance, etc).

Do you have an existing formula designed by another contract manufacturer? Our cosmetic chemists can reformulate the exact same product and manufacture it for you. We are experts in cosmetic formulation.

Vhue Skin, has over 6 years of experience in design & product formulations. We would be thrilled to create your very own, exclusive range of quality ‘Face & Body Care Products’ for your business.

Our skincare product development process is simple.

During a meeting or a phone call, we translate your ideas and requirements into specifications (target market, active ingredients, product category, desired function, size, quantity, cost price per unit…). We will briefly discuss and outline your range / ideas.

Our cosmetic chemists create your formula based on your specifications. A Custom Design, regarding your products will be forwarded to you and must be completed and returned to us, prior to our initial meeting. Once we have reviewed the application and if we can assist you, a meeting will then be scheduled. The meeting will be held at our office or virtually. After meeting with us, you will then need to make a decision as to whether you would like us to continue with your manufacturing.

We can arrange primary and secondary packaging for your cosmetic product.

USP grade raw materials are used whenever available, to ensure the highest product quality. Performance-proven ingredients only.

We can design trendy cosmetics packaging and give them a strong identity.

If you choose to proceed and would like us to design and develop, a second meeting will then be scheduled. At this meeting, we will share our thoughts and ideas with you, to finalise the finer design details. You will be required to pay a design and Development Fee, per product and enter into a Confidentiality / Non Disclosure Agreement with our company. This agreement simply protects all information that VHUE SKIN will be releasing to you. Once both parties have signed all documentation and the design costs are paid, we will then, proceed with research, design, development and quotation. In most cases, this is carried out within 1 – 2 weeks, depending on the number of products required and the complexity of the ingredients and design work. A third and final meeting will then be scheduled on completion of design / quote. We will provide you with your product samples / quotation and other relevant information.

We help you make sure that your cosmetic product complies with necessary regulations.

We manufacture your skin care product following strict quality and hygiene procedures.

We fill and assemble your cosmetics.

We help you organize the shipment of your skin care products to your warehouse.

Formulas provided by Client/Customer

If customer provides their own developed formulas, the Parties agree that the specific recipes and/or formulas provided by Customer and used by Manufacturer in accordance with the Specifications for the Products (the “Formulas”) will remain exclusive to the Customer and will not be disclosed by the Manufacturer to other customers of the Manufacturer or to any other person or entity. Customer hereby grants to Manufacturer a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the Formulas for the purpose of allowing Manufacturer to perform its obligations under this Agreement.

Prior to quoting, your product must be created and a sample produced. A design and development fee per product, will be charged for this process, this amount is ‘Non-refundable’ and is inclusive of 2 samples. An extra sample sent will be at an additional cost. To ensure your satisfaction, we will provide 2 samples as required. We like to work closely with our clients, to ensure that we are producing exactly what you want and that you are 100% happy with your products, prior to production.

A) Upon sample approval you will be required to enter into a Manufacturing Agreement.
B) A purchase order along with a 50% deposit will also be required prior to commencement of production.

We hold Confidentiality / Non Disclosure Agreements with all Custom Design / Contract Manufacturing clients.

Our minimum run size is 500 units per product line. You will be required to purchase the entire batch of product, which may produce up to a maximum of 500 units per batch.

In-house label application and packaging can be administered by VHUE SKIN, as an extra service. Labelling costs are $15 per hour. Our labelling/packaging team are efficient and precise. Please advise us if you would like your packaging carried out by us and we will include this, as an extra cost, in your quotation.

A Consultation Fee of $50.00 per hour will be charged, for any extra services, which include – sourcing specialised ingredients / packaging, liaising with graphic artists and printers.

Between 1 – 2 weeks, dependent on the complexity of the formulations, utilising standard raw ingredients. If you require specialised Ingredients or containers, that you have instructed us to source, please allow up to 1-6 months, allowing for delivery of goods and depending on complexity of packaging sourcing.

After a written order and 50% deposit of total cost has been received, completion of the final products will take up to 4-6 weeks, dependent on the amount of lines in your range and allowing delivery time for specialized ingredients / containers, if required.

To get started, email us [email protected]